Design Trends -German Design award, Minimalism

Design Trends -German Design award

Minimalism as a movement has been around since the 1940s, but has recently made a come back in an evolved form. The “less is more” mantra has evolved to a new level of sophistication. Minimalism in design today is made up of minute nuances and details that enrich and elevate the experience of the object over time.

In the last couple of years now, this new Minimalism appears to be gaining strength in its logical symbiosis with millennials and their affinity for paring down on material items and putting more emphasis on quality over quantity. This pervasive movement has become more evident in all industries of design, ranging from electronics and fashion to architectural and interior design.

Apple products are a prime example of the minimalist design trend. With equal parts of form and function, they utilize shape, color and texture to concentrate on streamlined surfaces and straight lines rather than visually busy accessories.

This latest minimalist movement has been picked up on and recognized by the internationally acclaimed German Design Awards, which is one of the most distinguished and influential design competitions in the world and tasks itself with discovering and recognizing those setting or leading trends in design utilizing their exclusive, by-invitation-only nomination process.

The German Design Awards extends their review process to many fields and categories, including lighting, which provides a key component to the minimalistic movement currently spreading through the architectural industry. The German Design Council has recognized Zaniboni Lighting’s ALBA 1 Q downlight by nominating it for its 2018 German Design Award. Zaniboni Lighting leads the way by providing the perfect fixture complimenting the minimalistic movement.

The ALBA 1 Q downlight’s sleek, minimalistic design showcases an edgeless trim that allows it to blend smoothly into any ceiling with no protrusion. Combining form and function, the small aperture of only 1 square inch (25mm x 25mm) and the inner recess are designed to reduce glare to a minimum without compromising lumen output. What results is a light fixture that produces the illusion that light is being created out of thin air and both perfectly compliments and celebrates that next-gen minimalistic look.

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