Light and Emotion - Part 1, Lighting

Light and Emotion - Part 1

It is common knowledge that lighting can set the mood of a space.

In this series of articles we are covering some of the options available on our spec sheets, and how they translate into actual space mood-setters. 

Beam Angle

The beam angle of a fixture is one of the main variables, used to obtain minimum lighting code requirements and optimal functional lighting. 

But it is also a very important parameter to work with when setting the desired mood and feel in hospitality, retail, residential and more.

Wide beam angles evenly cover wide surfaces and make the interior predictable with soothing notes. 

Narrow beams develop contrast of bright and dim areas, accentuating colors and textures, which increases the dramatic look. 

In the above video, we see the interior of a restaurant with the same type and number of fixtures positioned in the same way. The only variation in each scene is the beam angle inside the fixture: a wide 60º, a medium 36º, and a very narrow 10º. 

At Zaniboni Lighting, we have obtained the narrowest beam possible with minimum spill, no color aberration, and accurate edge transition. Samples are available upon request. 

The picture above is computer generated with the photometrics of the real products and has NOT been retouched. 

The sharp difference in results is evidence of just how this one light parameter can determine the mood of a space. 

Please leave your comment below, and any additional areas of technical options in lighting that you would like to know more about. 

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