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Taking Luxury to New Heights

Imagine entering your condo building, going into the elevator, and arriving directly into your condo. Not so out-there, right?  Now imagine doing all this without getting out of your car.  Yes, taking your car into the elevator and then parking right there in your living room. This is the Porsche Design Tower in Miami.

A major design trend is sweeping Miami and other international cities such as Dubai: It is the demand of super high-end designer branded condos. Porsche Design Tower is one of the front-runners of the trend that caters to the ultra-wealthy. 

Porsche Design Tower developer, Gil Dezer has said, “What we’re selling is luxury. The buyers already know the brand. They like the style and they like the look and that’s why they feel more comfortable buying it.”

With Grammy award-winning Alicia Keys headlining its grand opening, the Porsche Design Tower is a ritzy oceanfront 60-story high-rise that caters to billionaire car aficionados. The design pays homage to Porsche’s “engineer luxury.”  The crown jewel of the Porsche Design Tower is its patented Dezervator, a glass enclosed automated car elevator, that accelerates your vehicle up and down the glass tower.  Its residents able to literally drive their Maserati straight into their condo, and of course the tower’s “car concierge” caters to the residents’ car’s basic needs, such as a wash and even regular maintenance. 

Such luxury requires the best of the best in every detail, which is why Zaniboni Lighting provided the custom fixtures that light up the grand entrance of Porsche Design Tower. Just like the rest of the tower, the innovation that went into the lighting is top-notch and contributes to the unique experience.

Other high-end brands swept up in this trend of designer-branded super-lux condos include Armani, Aston Martin, Fendi, and Missoni. 

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  1. This part of Miami will be under water in a very few years due to climate change. What then?

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